The science of Ayurveda encompasses within itself medicines given in various forms. Herbal and herbo-mineral medicines are prescribed in the forms of Kashayams, Arishtam, Asavam, Vati, Avalehya, Churnas etc. The herbs are processed in such a way as to bring to fore, their best possible medicinal efficacy. Below you will find an exhaustive list of medicines with their indications, and usage. However, it is to be noted, that, these medicines should be consumed only on the prescription of a registered medical practioner of Ayurveda.

Churnas (Herbal Powders) Read more

Grutham (Medicated Ghee) Read more

Kashayam ( Herbal Syrups) Read more

Lehyam (Herbal Paste) Read more

Thailam (Herbal Oils) Read more

Vati (Tablets) Read more

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