Hair fall is one of the most commonly occurring conditions, affecting a vast majority of the population, both men and women alike. Various causes ranging from the polluted environment and water used, to health conditions like Iron deficiency, Thyroid disorders, Micro nutrient, deficiencies, Dandruff, PCOS etc, end up causing Hairfall, Alopecia areata/ totalis.

Treatment procedure intend at reducing the thinning, improving the health of the scalp, and

bringing back a healthy texture and volume to your hair. An accurate diagnosis of the cause for the hairfall followed with adequate streamlined treatment procdures, bring about positive outcomes.

Treatments include Virechanam, Nasyam, Shirodhara, Talapodichil etc., over a period of 4-8 weeks.

How the program begins

  • Consultation with our doctors
  • Investigations may be advised if required.
  • Treatment plan
  • Prescription - Ayurvedic medicines
  • Diet Counselling
  • Monthly follow ups to review your condition post treatment.

Why Keva ?

  • Customised to your need and time
  • Result based programme
  • Full time support from our doctors
  • 100 % Authetic Ayurvedic Treatment
  • Frequent reviews to monitor your progress during the treatment process and in case required your plan would be modified based on your response to the treatment.


    • Reduce Hair fall
    • Strengthen hair roots
    • Prevent premature graying
    • Stimulate growth in hair follicles
    • Keeps dandruff and other scalp conditions at bay

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  • Doctors are friendly and polite. Diagnosis was well explained and the treatment for my hair fall problem was effective. Hoping for more better results in further course.

    - Meghana, Software engineer
  • Medications prescribed by KEVA helped me a lot in very short span of time... Excellent environment & staff. My Hair fall problem is resolved & I am happy about treatments at Keva 

    - Sandeep, Software engineer
  • Very good treatments for hair fall. My dandruff is gone & hair volume is increased. I feel so good.ThanksKeva 

    - Reshma, Student