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Weight Management

My Name is Reeju lama and my hometown is Darjeeling but right now i am working in Bangalore and I am thankful to keva i am extremely satisfied with the kind of a treatment thatthey provided, i was 83 kg before 1 months and now i have lost 10 kg in 27 days and now i am 73 kg, i can wear those clothes which used to be tight previously,all the therapist are very friendly and hard working,i appreciate their work,medicines and treatment are not that expensive anyone can afford,i would love to refer my family and friends to keva. Thank you once again.

Reeju Lama, Software Engineer

Hi All, Firstly thanks to Keva Ayurveda Health Care , I have lost 7kg in 10-12 days of Panchakama Treatment. I would appreciate keva Indiranagar branch on having well qualified resources, I personally thank Mr.Dayanand massage therapist,Mr.Sudheer for my weight loss achieved.

Kathik, Software Engineer

I am so happy with my weight loss treatment and I am grateful to all the employees and Doctor Deepika. I am maintaining my weight and I did not gain weight after the completion of my treatment. Before Treatment - 83.3kgs After Treatment - 74kgs Even I got inch loss also upto 5 to 6 inches. Thank you so much Keva

Prasanthi, Student

I heard about keva from one of my friend in Dubai and thought of visiting them for weight loss and back pain treatment. I consulted them and enrolled for it as well. I liked the commitment given by them towards patient and at the same time they make sure treatments are going well. I stayed in a guest house and got it treated for almost 15 days. I lost some pounds and there was atleast 70% of improvement from my back pain. I have seen their new premises and it`s really good. I will be visiting them in 2 months again. I also would like to recommend everyone who are travelling from abroad to avail any therapy in Bangalore to try keva first because they are the best.

Shaina, House Wife

Lost 7.8 kg in 25 days prg at Keva btm branch. I loved their hospitality. I had not lost more than 2 kgs in a month due to some health issue, but it`s resolved now and weight has reduced as well. Good work Keva people.

Mini, Beauty parlour owner

I lost 13 kgs in just 27 days. I am really amazed to see the result. Keva guyz are really professional from appointment till the last date.Never expected such result from ayurveda.

Karthik Rajan, Software Developer

Wonderful experience at Keva. Feel much toned after Weight loss sessions!!! My skin is also glowing & firm even after I lost 4 inches. It is Awesome!!!

Palani, Interior Designer

Weight Loss treatment is like awesome, unbelievable. Reduced 5kgs in 20 days. Now I feel light. Therapists are too good.. Obviously doctors at Keva give right treatment. My long term problem got a full stop here...Thanks Keva

Vinodhini Rajan, Software engineer

Lost 4 kgs & 4 inches in just 20 days. Getting nice compliments from my friends & colleagues. Thanks Keva

Rohit, HR Manager

Excellent treatments for weight loss, I lost 4 Kgs in 1 month and am maintaining it.

Sushma Sawant, Accountant

Reduced 4kgs and 4 inches in 20 days. Therapists are good. Thanks Keva

Sameera Rajan, Software Engineer

Excellent treatment for weight loss. In 15 days I lost around 4 kgs and 3.5 inches overall...no crash dieting or chemical supplements...only with massage and ayurvedic treatment, Keva achieved this goal for me. I would highly recommend Keva to anyone wanting to go for detoxification and weight loss.

Upasana, Software Engineer

Spine & Joint Care

Its Great experience,I had Lumbar Spondylitis for which I consulted Keva Ayurveda. My condition improved in 15 days time & now after 1 month I have no pain absolutely. I appreciate Dr. Deepika, the way she speaks with the patient is really good.Therapists are very professional in their approach. Will definitely recommend to others.

Rajesh Kumar K, Principal

Underwent treatment for weakness in my leg and it took almost 8 weeks. Strength in my legs has improved and I am feeling better. I thank Keva Ayurveda for such a wonderful treatment. Earlier never believed in ayurveda but now I am hardcore fan and patient of ayurveda, especially Keva Ayurveda.

Rohit Mehra, Student

Back pain treatment was excellent, It`s almost gone. I liked treatment and staff both. Good experience. Thanks keva ayurveda, please open in other states :)

Rashmi, Technical Head

I wanted to give a personal feedback for the treatment that I had undergone at Keva Ayurveda. Before coming to Keva, I was badly suffering from lower back pain which was due to lack of proper care that I has taken after my delivery. I was unable to sit or stand for a long while and was also not able sleep after the complete day`s work due to the heavy pain. I had approached a few hospitals as well but it was not much useful. When I thought to take ayurveda treatment, I just Googled and noticed a lot of good review comments about Keva and it was very close to my home. Hence approached Keva for the treatment and I must say, it is just an excellent place to get relief from most of our health problems especially for those who do not have sufficient time to take care of themselves. An hour of treatment will be much relaxing and removes off the entire tiredness of the body. Now almost I have no back pain at all. I do take care of myself by not lifting heavy things and performing yoga. Thanks to Keva!!!!!

Naziya, Engineer

I was suffering from Lumbago since many years. I loved the treatments at Keva for Back pain. Ayurveda treatments are worth every pie. 

Vidya, School Teacher

Excellent treatments for Arthritis, my mom is better after 14 days of treatment at Keva Ayurveda. Thank you Keva!! 

Augustine, Software professional

Spine & Joint Care treatments at Keva are excellent. Felt really nice, awesome experience in first visit itself. look forward for more visits.

Priyanka Das, Social Worker

I am 52yrs old & been suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since many years. I would say Treatments at Keva works very well. I feel much relived now & feel better. Thanks Keva

Sameeksha Devi, House wife

I was suffering from Arthritis since 8 years and got treated in so many places but nothing helped, I have started treatment at Keva Ayurveda since 8 days and I am feeling much better and morning stiffness has reduced and pain also has come down. THANKS KEVA AYURVEDA. Love to recommend Keva to others for Arthritis treatment.

Naveen, Software Engineer

Skin Care

Detox Therapy at Keva is wonderful.. My acne problem got cured, my skin looks glowing & also I have lost 4kgs of weight.. I feel amazing !! Thanks a lot Keva

Nirmala, Accountant

had many pimples, I took a treatment of allopathy before at well known places but nothing worked but I should say Keva has given me an excellent treatment.

Ashwini Lola,


I just wanted to give you my feedback about the treatment my mother is undergoing at Keva Clinic. I am very happy that she is recovering and recovered up to 30-40% as compared before and hope she recovers completely. Thanks a lot for your help. My mother was suffering from Interstitial Cystitis, there was tremendous burning sensation past and post urination with lot of pain and frequency was 8-10 times in an hour. Before seeking Ayurvedic medication she had undergone all sorts of allopathy treatments like high antibiotics, including injecting botox injections to the bladder to increase the capacity of the bladder. My urosurgeon has tried all his best to treat my mother, but all gone in vane. When we lost all hopes, Dr. Ayesha suggested us to visit Dr.Krishnakumar at Keva Ayurveda Clinic near Silkboard, Bangalore. Now my mother is under ayurvedic treatment for about 1 month. Now she is feeling better without any burning feeling and frequency of urination had come twice/3hrs. Even though she has little pain, she has recovered 30%-40% compared to before taking the ayurvedic treatment. Now my allopathy doctor is also interested to refer his long time patients to this doctor. I would recommend anybody who is suffering from Interstitial Cystitis to undergo treatment to relieve themselves from pain and burning. I hope this may be helpful to someone who is suffering from Interstitial Cystitis. Keep it up Keva Ayurveda!!!!!

Hemanth, Software Engineer

Insomnia & Stress Management

I was not getting sleep at Night, hardly used to sleep for 3-4 hrs. After visiting Keva and underwent treatment for 1 month, now I am able to sleep for at least 5 hrs. Thanks.

Suchitra- House wife

I was facing anxiety and depression problem since I delivered my baby. My friend referred me to keva and I underwent a proper course of Panchakarma. I felt so light and energetic after the treatment. With medicines I'm much much better now. Thanks a ton Keva Ayurveda

Seema - House wife

I was having frequent headaches due to my increased  stress at Office. Keva had a camp at our office and then I visited them at their hospital in BTM. They advised me for a course of Shirodhara and medicines. within 4 sessions I can see so much of change. Feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you.

Meena - Software Engineer

Cholesterol Management

I was searching for good Ayurveda hospitals in Blore and came across Keva. I consulted for Cholesterol treatment along with my Diabetes.Within 2 months span my cholesterol levels came under control. Thanks Keva!

Rajashekar B - Lecturer

Lost weight as well as my cholesterol has come down. It's great to see results so fast. I recommend Keva for all your problems.

Shiny - House wife

Consulted for weight loss and got to know my TSH, PCOS and cholesterol levels were high. They diagnosed well and treated me accordingly. Now my cholesterol and TSH are regulated, still under treatment for PCOS. Hoping for best results. Thanks!

Tanuja - Accountant

Digestive Disorders

I consulted Dr.Deepika for cold and digestion issue and she started the treatment with Panchakarma. Later with medications, now I feel much better. Thanks a lot.

Anandan, CA

Very good Hospitality, (more like a conversation with Dr krishna ,very good diagnosis & treatment /post treatment consultation) Dr Deepika also responded to email queries via email especially on Panchakarma diet & very patiently answered queries .Overall all the staff including Mr. Sudhir were empathetic including the therapist. I am very happy that I choose Keva Ayurveda for stomach bloating & constipation issue -with Panchakarma& diet its now under control .Its getting better with Ayurvedic medicine. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the care provided by Dr. Kumar & Team at Keva Ayurveda. 

Singaravelan, HR Manager

I was suffering from cramps in leg, severe gastric, general weakness and problem in swallowing water, food. I started medicines at Keva Ayurveda 6 months back. I do not remember suffering now and no side effects. Thanks to doctors at Keva.I suggest Ayurveda to everyone now specially at Keva. 


I was suffering from Reflux Oesophagitis. I got treated under Keva Doctors & I must say I feel much much better now. Thanks to Keva Ayurveda. 

Subba Reddy, Teacher

Oily skin/pimples

Got treated for pimples and now am perfectly alright. Thanks Keva 

Mrs. Fernandis, House wife

Anti Wrinkle Facial

I am age 42 and Im under treatment in keva for anti wrinkle and they treated well and thanks to keva

Sandhya vishwanath

Hair Care

Very good treatments for hair fall. My dandruff is gone & hair volume is increased. I feel so good.ThanksKeva 

Reshma, Student

Medications prescribed by KEVA helped me a lot in very short span of time... Excellent environment & staff. My Hair fall problem is resolved & I am happy about treatments at Keva 

Sandeep, Software engineer

Doctors are friendly and polite. Diagnosis was well explained and the treatment for my hair fall problem was effective. Hoping for more better results in further course.

Meghana, Software engineer

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